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What happened to

In June 2016, Kelly Clarkson began posting recordings of her live performances on Each month would feature a new song until early 2017 when new songs stopped appearing (in anticipation of her new album?).

Kelly Clarkson

Unfortunately, her IT support has let her down and instead of the site rendering you’ll get:

Error establishing a database connection

Fortunately I’ve found the direct links to the underlying hosting service:

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Kelly Clarkson's 'My December' 10 year review

It’s been 10 years since the release of Kelly Clarkson’s My December, a personal favourite of mine and many other fans of her work. It followed the massive commercial success of her previous albums (Thankful and Breakaway) and represented a shift from pop rock to alternative rock.

Kelly Clarkson My December

My December is a sombre and often dark album that reflects the mood of Kelly at the time. Ten years on my thoughts are it’s her best work and this article reveals my top 5 songs from the album.

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