Dragonlance Kang's Regiment Reading Order

Kang’s Regiment are a Draconian based unit known as the First Dragonarmy Engineers. As the War of the Lance ended in defeat for the forces of the Dark Queen, a group of her draconian soldiers left the field of battle and these stories tell of their ongoing struggle for survival.

Before reading any of these novels, you should be familiar with the core chronicles mentioned in the Dragonlance Reading Order.

Chronological Order

Dragonlance: The Dragons of Krynn

The Dragons of Krynn

This novel is a collection of short stories. The First Dragonarmy Bridging Company is an introduction to Kang’s regiment.

Dragonlance: The Dragons at War

The Dragons at War

This novel is a collection of short stories. The story of the catapulting minotaur can be found in The First Dragonarmy Engineer’s Secret Weapon.

Dragonlance: The Doom Brigade

The Doom Brigade

The fearless draconians of the War of the Lance have retired from the field of battle to a pleasant valley in the Kharolis Mountains. Well, it would be pleasant, if it weren’t for some dwarves, whose irritating feuding prevents the draconians from realizing their greatest hope — the ability to continue their doomed race. When the dwarves discover a map leading to a fortune buried in the dwarven kingdom of Thorbardin, the draconians are swept up in a feverish race for treasure.

Dragonlance: Heroes and Fools

Heroes and Fools

This novel is a collection of short stories. The tale of Kang’s trek north, pursued by goblins, is told in To Teach the Righteous of the Right.

Dragonlance: Draconian Measures

Draconian Measures

The regiment of draconian engineers featured in “The Doom Brigade” seek a safe haven for their precious cargo of young draconians. All they have to do is stay alive. Surely that shouldn’t be too hard. But Commander Kang puzzles over a sinister mystery. Why are some of his men vanishing? Kang will have to use draconian measures to defeat his foes and save his race. They’d better be enough — the fate of his entire race hangs in the balance.

Passing References

These novels reference events featuring Kang’s regiment but do not directly contain them.

Dragonlance: Dragons of Autumn Twilight

Dragons of Autumn Twilight

The episode of the wicker dragon referred to in Draconian Measures is found within this novel.

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