MTG Arena features to improve Hearthstone

It’s no secret that the online card game market is highly competitive. The frontrunner Hearthstone has had a clear lead for many years. However, it’s competitors are quickly catching up.

Here are 5 enhancements Hearthstone could borrow from it’s rival MTG Arena.

Daily cosmetic deals

MTG Arena encourages players back to their store each day via daily deals on cosmetics. Significant discounts on individual cosmetics are available. Occasionally a deal for free gold or gems will also appear. Cosmetics are a great monetisation model (e.g. Fortnite) and keeps the base game cheaper for everyone.

MTG Arena Daily Deals

Bulk pack opening

Hearthstone has been out since 2014. Opening pack bundles (~50+ packs) is no longer exciting as it forces you to open one at a time. MTG Arena has a handy feature to open 10 at a time and displays the rares.

MTG Arena Bulk Pack Opening

Regular in-game events

Each week MTG Arena has a plethora of events that offer different game modes (singleton, pauper, draft, sealed, brawl, historic). It would be great to see Hearthstone adopt some regular mini-events that allow users to break away from the meta and use their deck crafting skills. I don’t think the current brawl mode is enough.

MTG Arena Historic Horizons


One of the most requested features within Hearthstone are tournaments within the client. MTG Arena has achieved this.

MTG Arena Tournaments

Updated Client

The Hearthstone client has been around since 2014. It’s often sluggish and mobile performance is not great. Perhaps it’s time to invest in a better and more vibrant client?

MTG Arena Client

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